You are fabulous at this work!
Oh, thank you for all your time with us and helping in so many areas in our relationship that no one else could address like you do! It all makes perfect sense ūüôā
You have been a huge help in this journey!      Kind regards,



“My husband and I did counseling with Paul.¬† I was impressed with his insight into what each of us was bringing from our past into our marriage.¬† Paul not only gave us the ability to work on issues that we were separately bringing into the marriage but ways to work on communicating so that we could resolve other unforeseen issues that have arisen.”

Jon and Laura





We got tons of comments on how lovely, natural, sincere, etc the ceremony was. To be honest, the ceremony was the component I was dreading most (nerves wise) but all in all it ended up being the highlight of my day! Andrew thought it was amazing too. Thanks so much for working with us and bringing your warmth and humor into our ceremony. I’ll never forget those magical 20 minutes!


Thank you so much! ¬†Everything looks perfect. We are so glad to have you be part of the wedding, we both agree we couldn’t have chose better! ūüôā

Thank you,


Thank you so much for being there with us. It was perfect, the way you got to know us and how you were able to tell everyone about it!
We really enjoyed everything!¬†except forgetting to¬†“high five”.¬†haha We are overjoyed to embark on this journey.¬†So, again thank you for being there, and helping us begin this life long adventure, we have already jumped in!
If we are ever in need of a counselor, you will be the first one we call!
Best regards,
¬†With Paul’s marriage coaching and council, we were able to begin¬†understanding one another as we hadn’t before. He brought a fresh¬†perspective to our relationship, and encouraged us in many ways that helped us to grow, and continue to make us grow closer to one another. His wisdom and insight has been invaluable!
Marc and Katie
Amazing!!  Perfect.

Thanks for saving the day, Paul!

Just wanted to thank you for marrying ………..You were absolutely awesome!