Writing the List

Do you the kind of person you are looking for?  What is he/she like?  What do they love to do?  Values similar?  What can you not live without?

The more we have an understanding of who we fit with and the kind of person we are attracted to the better we are able to keep our heart protected and the more ready we are to connect with the right one.

A couple of years before I meet my wife I started a list of the perfect wife for me.  I thought on it and added to it as things came to mind.  The final list was 19 points.  For card players 19 is the impossible crib hand.  All other numbers up to 29 can be found in a crib hand except 19.  It was perfect for me: the impossible.  I am a risk taker by nature and so the impossible for me was the perfect challenge.  I posted the list on my fridge and began to look at it and believe that this perfect wife was out there for me.

Do you have a list?  Do you know the kind of person you are looking for as a perfect spouse for you?  I encourage you to think on this  and begin to journal your thoughts.  The best thing about a list is when you meet others you can see quickly if this is a potential.  My wife meet 17 out of 19 points when I meet her.  She ranked far higher than any other girl I saw or was friends with.

Boy was I excited and filled with hope of the possibility and the apprehension that she might be the One!

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