Why a must have list is important

The list is important.  It gives you an understanding ahead  of time of the kind of spouse that is right for you.  We are all made different.  What is right for  you will not work  for another person.  It is important to know who is  right for you and what makes them right.  Preparing a “must have list” is fun and enlightening.  It is something you discover is within you.  It does not have to be done in 5 minutes.  It is ok to write this list over months.  As you think of something write it down. Spend the time dreaming and visualizing how you a living with this wonderful person.    There are things that you have dreamed of and longed for that are hidden in your heart.  It is the way you are and how you see your life being lived.  You even have an image inside you of how you want to raise your children, spend family time together and even growing old together.  Without articulating this we often do not know what is inside of us and how important it is.  This is as much a discover about who you are and what you are believing/hoping for.   Enjoy the process.  You will discover things about yourself and you will be encouraged as you to prepare yourself.

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