Relationships and Christmas

I love Christmas.  It comes quickly every year and if I do not stop it seems to race by captured by the new year.  I love the Christmas shows, time with the family and the good memories from the past.  It is the once a year celebration every kid looks forward too.

My favorite Christmas show is the Grinch who stole Christmas.  Cindy Lou Who (the cute little girl) was worried that Christmas was  all about the presents.  In the newly released movie she was struggling with everyone caught up in decorating, presents, and all the busyness of the season.  The movie captures our hearts with the grumpy grinch finding the true meaning of Christmas.  It ends with him surrounded by family and he even gets to cut the roast beast.

This is what Christmas is all about.  It is our time with our loved ones.

As we begin our Christmas celebrations honour the time with family and loved ones.  The meal is secondary and the presents, though we love them do not really matter at all.  It is about relationships.   In marriage we all have hopes of our lives together.   Christmas is a time to do the best with what we have.

What do you want to bring this year to the season?   How can you make it special for others?   In what ways can you enter more deeply into the spirit of Christmas?

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