Anticipation and expectation

What are you expecting in marriage and life? What are you really hoping for and believing for? These two questions reveal a lot about our beliefs and hopes. They are the deep down questions few people ask.

There is this statement I read recently and the more I reflect on it the more I admire it. “What you expect influences what you do”. Are you expecting to marry a great guy? Are you believing for Mr. are Miss Wonderful? Again who are they and what are they like? I do not think any of us go into marriage with the plan to marry a loser, alcoholic, or be divorced. Yet how many of us have a plan? How many of us have thought through what the perfect match is for me?

What you expect does influences what you do. Are you expecting Mr. right? If you are expecting I trust you are preparing yourself. Your confidence will grow as you are waiting and filtering all the possibilities. Don’t waste giving your heart away to individuals that are not the right one. Expect the best. Prepare to be the best for your spouse. If you really expect it will influence what you are doing today. If your are struggling in your believing acknowledge that and learn to hope. It will radically change your perspective and ultimately who you are.

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