Conflict During Holidays: Relationship Conflict

I thought I should write something so that you know we are all human in Victoria and conflict does happen in all marriages. Family events can be stressful for some people. Not all holidays are movie perfect. Christmas vacation with Chevy Chase and the Griswold’s may be more like your house at the holidays. (I love this movie…)

My wife likes to cook and prepare excellent meals. She is an artist by nature and everything she does has a strong artistic feel to it. As a result we do not do anything half way. If you come to a meal at my house it is usually over the top. She has this expectation on herself to do it excellent. Leading up to the big event may not always be pleasant in our house. She has such a high standard of excellence it sometimes affects the rest of us.

Our expectations of ourselves and others expectations of us (especially in laws) can affect our personal state and the atmosphere in the house. I know this sounds logical but often behind the conflict are these unspoken beliefs. The more you know yourself and each other the better prepared you can be to avoid common conflict areas. This is one of the areas we look at in marriage preparation.  Marriage preparation works and helps avoid  marriage counseling later.

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