Is he rough around the edges?

Not all guys are perfect. This may make you laugh or cringe in the reality of it but some guys need more enlightenment to prepare them for marriage than other men.

So you know a little of my past, I grew up in a home filled with a male image that dated back to eastern Europe. My mom whom I love very much was often overshadowed by my fathers strong ideals of raising sons. I never had sisters, never learned to put the toilet seat down, and did not know what a vacuum cleaner did. Don’t get me wrong I worked hard but it was on a farm doing man jobs; animals, building, and cutting lawns. Dishes never.

My world view growing up is very different from my life now. I now vacuum, do dishes, clean toilets and pick up toys all day long. There is hope for those who are rough around the edges. Thankfully along my journey of life many mother types and some of my close girl friends took it upon themselves to culture me to a women’s world. I was taught how to communicate. I was forced to be in touch with my feelings because most women want to know “how are you doing?” and for the record, “fine” is not a good answer. I am very thankful to those who invested in me. I know my wife appreciates all of you and your talking time to help me be prepared for marriage.

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