Knowing Your Values together and in marriage

Values are important in relationships. Conflict often happens because we have different values. Knowing your values and one another’s values can be an excellent meeting point for communication. My wife and I both value education. We feel it is important to stay current in our professional training. We believe learning is one of the things we can do to better ourselves as we journey through life. Education, training and books cost money. Because of our value for learning we invest our money and our time in pursuit of this value.

Values affect things like money, how you spend your time, how you will raise your children, and who will be your friends. Knowing these charts a path for who you will be together and how you will live your lives together. I encourage people to marry those with similar values to their own. It creates a peace in the house and a purpose of how you will live your lives. We do not have to be identical in values but there does need to be a common thread within you. Once again knowing each other allows us to understand and accept the other person. This avoids a lot of conflicts and actually allows the other spouse to encourage us in our values and pursuits.

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