Looking for an officiant for your wedding in Victoria, BC

When our society was more rural based we all knew a minister. The Church was probably in the center of town and was a main meeting place for the community. Everybody knew everybody and the wedding was a community event. The community may have only been 100 people but everyone in town knew you were getting married and they probably knew who you were marrying.

In todays time we have more luxury of picking our friends. Family- that still comes with the package in our in laws. As to who will marry you….. that is an unknown for many people. Our government provides an excellent service to couples to help them with the legalities and paperwork. They are able to go most locations where you would like to be married.

At Wedvictoria we create a more personal touch and experience in your ceremony. By spending quality time with you both and working through some marriage preparation we have created a intimate relationship together that is evident during your ceremony. By knowing your heart and desire we are able to create the atmosphere and experience you would love to have at your ceremony. We love bring this personal touch and we do it well.



  1. Amanda

    Hi there we are desperately seeking a wedding officiant for our wedding July 7 2012 at prospect lake hall please contact me if someone is available to work with us.

    • Hi Amanda sorry I am booked on the 7th of July. I would love to do a wedding at Prospect Lake Hall. A number of my friends live in the community there and it would just be an awesome place to do a wedding, Many couples book me along with the marriage preparation time. Want to make sure I can give priority time to them first. Thank you for the consideration.

  2. katherine

    Hi was wondering how much you charge for a wedding ? sept 10/2016 at weirs beach lodge in metchosin
    thank you katherine

    • Hi Katherine I am sorry I am booked on this day. Weirs beach in Metchosin is a beautiful location for a wedding. I wish you and your partner a great wedding!

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