Observations from the Victoria Bridal exhibition

Today I was at the Victoria Bridal exposition with hundreds of brides all preparing for the wedding of their dreams. Every bride I have meet has thought about their wedding day. They have dreamed of it and some have even planned it before they got engaged. As I sat in the room watching a bridal fashion show (which was packed with people) I couldn’t help thinking of all the expectations in the room and all the money that would be invested in that one day.

We all have dreams and hopes and for many of us the greatest dream is to fall in love and be loved. It is what we long for in our human dna. As I watched people; brides and moms, brides and friends, brides and fiances I wondered how many of them have spend time planning their lives together. We invest thousands and thousands and even ten of thousands in the one day and spend little to make our life long marriage great.

I was touched by how beautiful the dresses were today as I watched the fashion show. I kept thinking if my wife was beside me this is where she says “Can we get married again”. Brides are always beautiful on a wedding day. They always radiate that glow of happiness and fulfillment of their dreams. Today I had a desire and a yearning that all these faces and marriages not just to start happy but to live happy. I hoped for brides whose hearts are protected and loved for the duration of their lives. So many smiling faces. The wedding season is upon us.

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