Planning a beach Wedding in Victoria, BC

I have been booking up for the summer and I thought I would answer some of the common questions I get for those planning a beach wedding here in Victoria.

Things to consider:
Parking: Depending on the size of your wedding you need to consider parking. There are lots of smaller beautiful beaches here in Victoria. Our city has had great foresight in planning for beach access to many of these smaller beaches. If your wedding party is small you have a lot of selection.
Weather: Are you committed no matter what to a beach? Do you have a fall back? Summers are most of the time great here in Victoria. Beaches can have extra wind or a cooler temperature or the opposite. This July I forgot my sun screen on a very hot day an got burned. Just a consideration that may require a little extra planning for the ceremony.
Atmosphere: Again depending upon the size of your wedding party and the atmosphere you would like, a little more planning may be required to create the beach atmosphere you would like. Will people sit? How about older family/ grandparents? How would you like the people arranged? Can everybody easily get down to the beach you have chosen?
Private Beaches or more Public: This affects parking but may also affect atmosphere you wish. Beaches can be busy here in the summer. Willows and Cadboro Bay have a lot of people on them in the summer. Most people are very considerate and would provide space for a wedding. However, would you like a more private time and space? Just a consideration again in choosing the right location for you.

Recommended Beaches:
Cordova Bay: There are a number of access points. The beach faces east and makes a great place for sunrise weddings. I have done one of these with hot chocolate, warm croissants and fruit and cheese platters following the ceremony.
Metchosin Beaches: There are a number of access points to larger and smaller beaches. Most have beautiful sand and a gorgeous view. You are best to grab a map and check out a few until you find the one that fits with your dream wedding.
Rocky beaches: The above two are beautiful sandy beaches. Most of Victoria is build upon rock and there are many rock bluffs and points of beauty along our ocean front. My wife and I did some of our wedding photos at cattle point. Beautiful rock bluffs with the ocean in the background. Add in some wind blowing my wife’s hair and a beautiful husband holding his strong arms around her and I have amazing wedding photos on my wall.

Finally, beach weddings are some of my most enjoyable ones of the summer. The outdoors, the water, the sun shining and a beautiful wedding party make for some great memories in some beautiful places. Victoria has some of the most accessible beautiful beaches very close to our city.

Hope this helps you as you plan your wedding. Feel free to let me know if I can help you further.


  1. Hi Paul, Great Site and as one of your couples married up here in Tofino, we love you and really enjoyed your encouragement and confidence in us. Remember there are amazing beaches here in Tofino and Ucluelet and what a team we would make–you the officiant and me the planner!

    Good Luck My friend
    Suzanne and Dan

  2. Hello Paul,My soon to be wife and I really want to have our ceremony on witty’s beach at the bottom of the stairs. but we contacted crd and they denied us a permit….Is there any way around this or what can we do? Is it a big fine if we just go there and just do it quickly? All we want is to have sand in our toes when we get married.

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