Celebrate your triumphs- here you are getting married

I am always fascinated how couples meet. I love hearing the story’s and the details of a seemingly divine connection as peoples meet and fall in love. I have married people who met playing cards with friends, connected in a bar, online dating services and even couples who have known each other since early childhood. Every story is wonderfully filled with the details of the how, why, when and where.

So much is connected and gets triggered in our hearts when we fall in love with someone. There are so many dreams and desires that begin their fulfillment that are hidden within us. I love discovering and hearing these. They are your triumphs and victories in pursuing after your hopes. I am thankful I am able to celebrating these with couples. I honor the energy that you expended to put ourselves “out there”. I honor the demonstration of believing in yourselves and being willing to keep your heart open with others. Love is incredibly fragile at times. Our hearts are one of the most tender organs in our bodies. By giving away your heart in trust and openness you have demonstrated your commitment to another and have declared your love in an incredible way.

Way to go! A great triumph. Part of the joy I get in the marriage preparation time is discovering these and celebrating your victories with you.

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