Making your marriage work

Work? Making it work? That sounds as if it make take some effort on my part. The truth is some times it does. Communicating to really get at the heart of something requires emotion, energy and time. These can be draining and trying at times. Do not undervalue the process. It is in the struggle that we grow personally and together.

I like to work out at the gym. My personality type loves it. I sweat, grunt and am at times in pain. Why do I do it? I love the feeling after of being exhausted and yet knowing my body is running better because of the stress I have put it through. I have forced my body to work at its best and my body continues though out the day in this state of optimization. Working out is great and changes the make up of who we are physically.

It is the same in life. Experiences that force is to grow change us. We can choose how we will grow by how we respond to our circumstances. Marriage provides plenty of opportunity’s for our growth personally and together. By investing in your relationship you are investing in your life. I leave you with this quote to ponder; “all the work done in the walls of our souls goes with us though out our lifetime.”

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