Preparing the perfect Wedding Ceremony

One of the first questions I get asked when people initially contact me is ‘what do you do for the ceremony”? My response is always “What do you want”! Deep inside of us is a picture or an image of what the perfect wedding would look like for you.

We are all unique in our expression and this is reflected in how we put our wedding day together. I love interacting with couples and discovering this. It gives me an insight into who you are and what you value. I have done weddings with children involved, whole families standing in a circle around the couple and spiritual/ religious weddings on mountains, under huppa’s and in churches. We know what is important to us. How you are putting your wedding together is a reflection of these values. My job is to discover these and see them incorporated into the ceremony.

A wedding that is a reflection of who you are creates an atmosphere of joy, celebration and _________ (you finish it off with your own touch)!

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