Where should you get married?

We all know of people who choose to elope to exotic places. Whether it is the allure of the warm beaches and/or the idea of the complete stress free package many couples choose to take their close family and friends with them as they travel abroad.

Have you ever considered where you should get married? I encourage couples to discover what they value and how they would like to celebrate the special day. If you have a lot of friends and family it may not be practical for 150 people to fly to Mexico. Knowing what you value and who you are together gives you the joy of discovering where you would like to get married and the type of wedding you will create.

Last summer I preformed a wedding on the top of Mount Finlayson. I was impressed with the wedding party who all hiked to the top of the mountain to be a part of the wedding. Obviously everyone agreed with the couples wishes to celebrate “on the top of the world”. It made for a great day and a wonderful adventure. Not surprisingly the couple had a high value in adventure and a strong connection to the outdoors. It was an amazing place to get married.

Where would be best for you as a couple? For some it is a church, the outdoors or even a special location that has meaning to you as a couple. In British Columbia we have been given great freedom by our government to be married in the location we desire. So where would you like to get married; and the second question, what are the reasons behind this decision? You will discover what is important to you (your values) in the planning of your wedding.

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