Advantages of a wedding planner

I have a good friend Suzanne who is a wedding planner. I attended her own wedding a few years ago and saw first hand the advantages of hiring a professional. I have included a short list of some of the benefits I observed at the wedding.

1. Hidden costs are covered by the wedding planner. For instance numerous decorations such as , tables arrangements, flowers, small gifts for guests, chair covers banquet hall decorating ect, are all taken care of by the wedding planner. A wedding planner has already purchased and has access to many things that add beauty and a classy feel for the wedding. These are the high end tools (forgive me ladies for a male analogy) that most people don’t own. If you do buy them they come at a higher price because they are only used once by you.

2. Wedding planners often have access to special price breaks in the industry. They are well connected and know who to call. They can take care of chairs, renting dishes, someone to officiate like me and even catering costs and facilities. This too can save you money.

3. The third benefit is a stress free wedding. Wedding planners plan weddings. They do it ever day as a job. They insure that you as a bride have as little stress as possible on the special day. They think of the details and they make sure what you want happens. Whether it is me or someone else it is encouraging to have someone walk through a check list of the many details.

With Victoria becoming more of a destination wedding place, more and more people are traveling here to get married. Our wedding industry is continuing to grow. Why not have a stress free and hire a great wedding planner. My friend Suzanne Ryles who lives on the west coast of Vancouver Island ( ) expresses it best this way; she makes dreams become a reality. Now that is worth the money!

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