How did you meet?

It’s marriage preparation time in Victoria, BC! Every spring I begin meeting with couples who will say “I do” this summer. One of the first things I love to hear is how did you met. I love how fate or the wonders of the universe, line us up to connect and meet. Most stories are simple; we meet through friends, sports events, coffee shops or even online. Meeting is not the miracle. The miracle is how you connected and wanted to get to know one another. I love this part of the story. Why this one? What about her or him cause you to want to connect on a deeper level. Ah the beginning stages of love. What awakened in you as started thinking “Could I marry this one”? What stood out about this person? These thoughts share a lot about who you are and who is the one you have been dreaming and preparing for. I look forward to hearing your story. There is a wonder and a joy in each one of us as we walk the journey of love.

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