Tests of a Marriage

Tests? Yes all marriages go through trying times. Actually it is life that takes us on our advanced course of change and improvement. Circumstances come our way that determine if we will be better or bitter, closer or distant. Life is designed this way. We are meant to end better than we started.

I am always amazed as I hear peoples stories of their journeys that have got them where they are. I love hearing how individuals and couples have overcome difficulties, struggles and trying circumstances. It seems when things get tough the intimacy grows between one another. Maybe it is these times that make our relationships stronger. Perhaps when true love is demonstrated in our trying times that it also deepens our love and commitment to one another.

Many couples still get married with the traditional vow; for better or for worse, in sickness and in health….. Life may have both extremes for us at times. To walk with someone through sickness can help you love them even more. We appreciate who they are; both the one giving in difficultly and the one receiving the extra portion of love needed at that time. Intimacy between one another grows where love is, and sometimes love matures best in trials and struggles.

Do I love my wife more now than when we got married? Yes a lot more. She is more wonderful now than I even knew before. There are things I realize about her that makes her so perfect for me. I have discovered these on the way of life. It is when we are working things out, planning ahead and dreaming together that our relationship is growing and hope for life is at a premium.

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