Weddings for 2012 in Victoria

Its March 2011 and I am getting the calls for 2012. I love the early “bookers”.

I love it when I meet with couples and they are looking forward with anticipation to their wedding which are still a year away. There is an excitement and foretaste in planning their wedding. Most brides I know have thought at great detail of their wedding day. There is so much hope involved in meeting the right one and getting married. So still in 2011 they begin to look ahead and begin to plan the perfect wedding.

Spring 2011 begins today March 21st. It is the season for preparation for summer weddings. Some are getting married this summer and some are already planning and awaiting 2012. It is going to be a great summer with lots of intimate moments of “I do’s” and “I love you’s”. Way to go brides and grooms!

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