changed by my wife……..

Life changes me. I am always changing as life is shifting around me. I am thankful for my wife. She is an instrument involved in my change process. I am not alone any longer. By not being alone I am adjusting to our new life. I have gone from being alone to married to now having children. Everything has changed for me. I can not longer just be concerned for my life. Now I live as a new community and decisions are made as community. I am thankful for this. The process of life is meant to make us better. I have had to grow up and soften and change.

My wife challenges me continually. She confronts my selfishness, fear, and insecurity. Without her I would live safe, insular and incomplete. I am forced to change; to become better for my family, for myself and for my marriage. I am not saying this is easy but on the long run I am thankful that I am relevant, current and gift to my family and the world. I am not sure who I would be without my wife and kids. I can not imagine a life with out them. Who I am today is totally different and I believe much better. I am very thank full for my life; journey, wife and kids.

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