When should I book my Officiant

I am always impressed with the couple that calls me at least a year ahead of their wedding date. I seem to always have 1 or 2 weddings book for the following season long before summer comes to end here in Victoria. To give credit to women, all of these early bookings are women. I do book weddings for men to but more often they are they the short notice bookings. They have been given the responsiblity to find a justice of the peace.

How long should you plan ahead for an officiant? Remember you can not get married legally without one. Before I answer consider these questions. Are you getting married on a busy weekend? A long weekend. Is it peak time… ie 2:00pm on Saturday? How important is it for you to find someone you like to be involved with you and your future spouse? How flexible are you? All of these affect how much time you might need. Generally my week days are open. Weekends, and especially important dates do book quickly. If you want security and someone to plan the details with you ahead of time then book early. This goes for any justice of the peace and not just me. Planning a wedding ahead of time is a stress release and allows both of you to enjoy the process.

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