Being single is more expensive; Better to Marry?

Is it better for ones finances to be married or to be single?  A new study shows that being married actually saves you $400, 000 over a life time.

I find this  kind of funny.  As a father of two and happily married I agree being married does save me money in the end.  I do enjoy cooking for a family more that I enjoyed cooking for myself and yes it is cheaper to cook for more people than just myself.  Vacations with travel by car have a similar cost with hotels almost the same price for a double as a single.  However, with a family it does cost more money.  I feed 4 instead of one.  Everything is multiplied.  Travel by air x4 ect.

Where money really is saved though is in the long term.  Being with my wife we save together for our future.  We plan our future and what we would like to do together.  We invest in it.   We invest in our children together.  We take our hard earned money and we spend it on what we value and care for most.  We agree our children and their future gets a large portion of our money, time and energy.  And the best thing is we love it.  It is better to be together.   Pooled resources go farther than divided incomes, especially where families are involved.

So why do I find this funny?  The survey does not take into account families.  I could live pretty cheap by myself.  I could avoid a lot of costs being alone than found in a committed relationship.  But would I want to be single any more?  Not a chance, I love being married and I love being a father.  This survey does show it is cheaper to be married but the greater question is what do you want?  Do you want to be alone, living on Kraft dinner, and watching t.v. all the time?  Or would you like to come home to a house with a beautiful spouse, a warm cooked meal and some great fellowship?   Have all that and save money…..count me in!

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