Go for the treasure in one another

Treasure!  I love the word.   It sounds like money or valuables or something very special.  We look for treasure because we know its worth.  It’s valuable.  It is worth the price and effort to find.   Gold, diamonds, money, can all be treasures.

Within each one of us there is a treasure too.  It is why we fall in love.   We find something special and we give it all up to get the treasure.  We fall in love and we give up who we are and our future to join another in hope and awareness that the tresure is of great worth.

The treasure is what causes us to fall in love.  When we recognize how wonderful someone is and what is in them that is incredible for us we fall in love.  This is the treasure.

When we hold on to the treasure we stay in  love.   When we let go of the treasure we stop loving because we let go of the person.  I often encourage couples  to pursue the treasure in one another.  Do not chase after love  you will lose it.  Chase after one another (your treasure) and you will keep love.   Love is never the goal.  Love follows the treasure you find in one another.  Don’t get this mixed up.  You will find that your feelings of love may come and go at times.

Keep  pursuing the treasure in one another and you will keep your love alive!

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