How can you include your children in your wedding?

With more and more remarriages and with people getting married later in life children are often found in the marriage mix. Including our children can add a very special touch to the ceremony.

Some of my favorite memories of wedding ceremonies have children involved:

I remember a remarriage with the father having a son 10 years old. The wife to be included in her vows, a statement to the son. She shared her vows to her husband and then she addressed the son. She made a commitment to him. It was beautiful and everyone knew that there was a commitment on both parents part to honour their son and walk together as a family.

This summer I did an outdoor wedding in which the couple had two children. The son was the ring bearer, the daughter who was just over one, was learning to walk. Two cousins walked the little girl slowly down the isle. She carefully and slowly walked before the bride. The sweet little toddler was so cute between here two older cousins. I could not think of a more beautiful flower girl for the proud mother/bride to be. The audience whispered of the sweetness of the moment.

A final memory was of a young boy who watched his parents share their vows from the advantage point below them. He was the ring bearer. He stood with the pillow presented between his mom and dad. They both removed the rings and smiled together as a family as they exchanged the vows. The pictures must have been amazing with them all together.

There is always so much going on during the ceremony. There is the audience, the wedding party, parents and the couple. Beyond the people there is much going on the the vows. The words we speak to one another do have a connecting within our souls. How we include our children and what we say does make a huge difference. Remember is is not just the formality of the ceremony going on but at times it is also the formation of a family.

Take time to consider how others might need to be included in your wedding. Weddings sometimes are for more than just the couple and include parents, children, family and friends.

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