My favorite wedding of the summer!

In my line of work I perform wedding ceremonies in a lot of different locations. This summer I have be at the Brentwood Bay Resort (a high end facility), the Rose Garden at the Hatley Castle (beautiful), various guest houses in Sooke, beaches, and parks.

My favorite wedding this summer was an outdoor wedding in Goldstream Park. The couple put together an incredible party with lots of good food, basic accommodations and great company. Not all weddings need to be extravagant in cost. This couple worked within their means financially and gathered their friends and family together for the weekend.

The weather was amazing and provided the perfect backdrop for a camping wedding done with class and style. This wedding would not have been for everyone. We all dream of different weddings. What impressed me was the how this couple made a camping time a memory that will last a life time.

Not all weddings have to a have a big cost. This couple moved against the cultural expectation of big expensive weddings and got married in style surrounded by family and friends. Beautiful memories look different to each couple. This couple had an incredible weekend with amazing memories.

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