Funniest Wedding of the Year!

Not all weddings go as planned. Rehearsals are practises so we are prepared on the wedding day but sometimes unforeseen things happen. The following is a true story. Names have been omitted but the couple involved were amazing through it all. We all left having a great wedding ceremony with a lot of laughs.

So you can visualize the background. I am standing at the front of the church with the groom beside me. The groomsman and bridesmaids are making their ways down the isle arm in arm. As the best man joins the groom at the front the following conversations takes place. This is all talking quietly out of the side of our mouths. The people in the church are completely unaware of the following.

Groom to Best Man: “you have the rings?”
Best man: (look of fear on the face)
Groom: “You have the rings?”
Best man: “no, no……(moment of silence)…..they are in the room.”
Me: “In the room, where is the room”
Best man: **panick** “…….in the room”
Me: “In the room, WHERE is the room?”
Best man: “In the room, the room is close”
Me: “Is the room 10 miles away or is it really close?”
Best man: “They are in the room, its close”

(The wedding party is still making their way in. Everyone is watching the beautiful entry. The groom is standing between and me and best man who are involved in a crucial conversation that will affect how we go about the ceremony to follow. No one is aware of us talking and what is going on.)

Back to Me: “Is your room one minute away or ten minutes?”
Best man: “Its right here”
(now I have no idea what is going on. I am laughing inside thinking just give me some information to work with. I think they are close but not sure if the room is on the other side of the property or down the road or beside us but I figure we better take a chance and get the rings)

Me: “RUN”
Best man: “how do I get out?”
Groom: “the door there”
Best man: “there??? (with hesitation)”
Me: “RUN”
Now the best man bolts from the front out the side door on a quest to finish an important mission. The groom and I turn our focus back to the beautiful bride walking down the isle trying to ignore the moment of choas before.

We go on as planned and it is an amazing time up front with a couple who are easy going and full of fun. The best man slips back into the wedding party with almost no disruption and “He has the rings”!

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