The price of Coaching/ Marriage preparation

This comment is not a “me trying to sell my services” post. It is a reality of how I see so many people going into marriage.

Marriage takes work. Yes it takes work in communication, love and lot of life skills. But even more than these areas marriage is a commitment to work on oneself. We need to change within ourselves. We need to learn to be a great partner, great friend, parent ect. This is the journey of life. We are becoming someone greater than we are presently.

So many people enter into marriage with out this awareness. Most think their love is strong enough to face any challenge. Statistically speaking the ratio is not great. If half of all marriages end in divorce why are we not better at preparing ourselves for what is ahead? Again I am not trying to sell my services this is much more that that. There is struggle, trials and tension ahead for most of us. Life wants us to change and be better. Trials and circumstances will find us and mold us into something more. Wholehearted commitment to ones growth brings hope and change to every area of our lives. When we change our family changes, our homes changes, our relationships change and our marriages changes.

Marriage takes work. Life demands us to struggle at times so we can grow. Do not run from tension and conflict in marriage. Look within and see what is being challenged within yourself. Perhaps their is an area that is being touched, healed and changed in who you are. Perhaps there is an area waiting to make you better. You can not change others but you can be responsible for yourself.

I am marrying a mechanic and his future wife in a few weeks. A mechanic gets paid to fix my car when it needs it. I do not avoid paying 120$ hour to have someone work on my car. It needs to run so I can get around. Is your life not worth some investment to see areas changed and transformed so that you can be running at optimum? I encourage couples to get help when you need it. There is more at stake than just a good marriage; it is your life.

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