Valuing Marriage

This year I have performed a number of weddings for couples who have been together for many years and some with children. My last wedding had a 4 month old child. I usually ask the couple why they would like to get married instead of just living together. The response was “we want to do things in the right order, and it may be a little backwards but marriage is important to us”.

More and more I have been impressed with the value that couples are putting upon marriage. I love seeing the genuine desire and commitment to one another and to their family. I honour those who feel they are putting things in the right order by making the public commitment to one another.

I am not writing this because I get a small remuneration from marriages rather I have a strong believe that love and commitment is very important in the process of being together. I do not want to diminish those who are together and hold love and commitment in the highest regards and are not married. Rather I am honouring those couples who have chosen to make the vows and statements to their children, family and loved ones.

As I say in most of my weddings; “it is for better or worse, in good times and bad…. and the reality in life is we get them all. Life has all of the above, what we do with the things dealt to us deepens our love and marriage or challenges it. Marriage is awesome; how we walk it out is a test of us and our love for one another.

It has been exciting seeing the number of couples this year who feel they it is time to enter into this stage of life with a deeper love and commitment. I love watching their children as part of this process. It seems to complete things and it is wonderful to be apart of this moment in their lives.

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