Breaks my Heart

I really does break my heart when I meet a couple I married and they are getting divorced. My heart aches for the person and the kids involved. I ask the what happened question? Are you sure you can not mend this? How are you doing? One of my measures of success of my time of preparation with the couple is a happy marriage. My heart breaks when I know things are coming apart for the couple.

I married this couple three years ago. We had an amazing time together. They were honest and open of where they were at. Now they are talking divorce. What happened? They said they were having a rough time together. They talked of seeing someone but never got around to it. It hurt me; they did not call me or anyone else and now their hearts are hardening towards one another. Now everything is at stake. They started open and full of hopes and dreams and now they are protecting themselves and trying to figure out how to put up with one another for the sake of their child.

There is little someone can to do to another when they chose to be alone and not share their struggles. The price is high when we keep our struggles hidden. It does break my heart. My thoughts are with this couple this Christmas.

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