I love being a dad!

Here is something personal.    Had a perfect day with my children yesterday.  It started with a breakfast and my kids saying they wanted to spend the day with me.  I asked if they wanted to go to church or  stay home.  They wanted to play all day!  Is that not a perfect day for a 2 and a 5 year old.  It started with cards; crazy 8;s and a memory game.  Off to hide and seek.  This usually involves lots of screaming and laughing.   We followed this with a short clean up time and then two hours of swimming at the pool.   More laughs and screaming.  Home for a late lunch and a nap.  We finished the day off with cartoons and some video games.

Is that  not perfect?  Love playing with my kids.  The best part for me is crawling into bed with everyone at night.  This was my dream long before I got married.  I am living the dream.  What are you believing for ahead in  your marriage?

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