Daughter making her dying step dad’s wishes come true here in Victoria: Amazing story of Love…..

Was not sure if this was for real or  if my friends were playing a practical joke on me.  I am thankful I was sensitive and gave the person my heart of  compassion.  It turned out to be a real request with real person in the  Victoria General Hospital wanted to exchange their marriage vows.  Once again love amazes me.  See the email below for the  explanation.


Good Evening,

I am writing to you tonight becuase my step-sister and I are trying to help make our dad/step-dad’s wishes come true before cancer takes his life. Just to explain a little about the wish, my mother and my step-dad were planning on going to Vegas to renew their vows infront of an Elvis impersonator. He has since been hospitalized and they will no longer be able to go anywhere. This resulting in needing somone to go to the hospital, unless he is having a good day and can leave, to renew their vows. As much as it would mean sooo much for my step-dad I can tell you that it would also mean a great deal to my mother, and us kids as well.

I am sooo sorry to put all of this on you, I am just asking if this is something that you would be interested in (if you are not too keen on Elvis, he also likes si-fi so a Star wars character or…would be an option)?

If this is not something that you are prepared to take on, or you do not have the time etc. would you be able to pass this e-mail along to people that may be interested in helping us grant this wish for a man that we care soo deeply about. At this point we are not too sure how much longer we have, and therefore if you could even provide names or any other suggestions to help we would appreciate it.

Thank you sooo much for your kind consideration,

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