Differences in Marriage counseling and Relationship Coaching,

I had a great time with a couple this week here in Victoria.  They came for counseling but as we began to talk it was apparent that they knew their issues.  I loved coaching them and helping them understand their perceptions and worldview of love, marriage and life.

Discovering coaching has been amazing for me.  Counseling has the focus  of fixing something.  Coaching begins with your goals and longings in mind.  Once we know with clarity what couples want we begin to plan a path to get there.  We address issues in light of the bigger hopes and dreams that couples have.   We marry someone because we love them and want to start a life together.  Along the way of life we encounter many things that challenge who  we are and who we are becoming.  It is here that we look at the bigger picture.

My time with the couple was amazing.  Do they have issues?  Yes we all do.  Every marriage has things to work through but it is in love and commitment that we find our path forward.  They left my office with clarity and a path to walk forward together.  I love watching couples together heart to heart and hand to hand on  the journey of life.

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