Building up Marriages / Mongolia

I just returned from a trip to Mongolia.  I am amazed at how important good marriages are in establishing and building a health country.  Mongolia became democratic in the 90’s becoming  independent from 70 years of Russian control.  The carry over from communist, is seen in the broken marriages and the lack of healthy family structure.  My heart broke over the number of women who are living alone raising children in a land filled with opportunity.  I have said children need both parents , but I see now they need healthy parents to love and raise them.

I live in Victoria, BC and function as a preventative marriage counselor, ie a relationship  coach helping couples start and live their relationship on a proper foundation.  I can stand here or on the other side of the world and see the same needs for individuals and couples.

I am amazed, though cultural different our needs are the same.  Many of the issues are the same,   and, the answer is the same LOVE.  Everyone craves love and love is what brings us together and love is what holds us together.  We learn to love on our journey together.  Wholeness comes as we love and works things out together.

What is do for work has prepared me to work in various cultures, different nations and with a variety of leaders.  Love is common among all peoples and may of our issues are the same among all races.  Amazing time of learning for me and am thankful for the opportunity and experience.

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