The Value of a Relationship

Our closest relationships are very important in our lives and help in the development of who we are.  We find definition to who we are from our upbringing.  Our family and close relationships help form us in our early years.  As we mature we begin to find ourselves and to move out in news ways; hopefully growing, learning, and maturing beyond those who helped us in our development stage.   Relationships and the love given to us start us on our journey as human beings.

No matter what stage we are at we can never be seperate from relationships.  Marriage in its self is a moving into a deeper level of intimacy with another.  It is in relationship that we grow, mature and come to wholeness.  By nature intimacy forces us to grow.  Without intimacy we are stunted and our potential as human beings is capped.

As a father I love my children and am always finding new ways of connecting with them and helping them grow.  My love for them and my intimacy with them forces me to grow.  It  is not hard when you love.  I want to be different and I spend my days in new activities with a focus on them.  I change in this relationship.  I grow and become a loving father as I learn and mature.   The same is true in all relationships; even business relationships challenge me to grow as I admire the abilities and skills others possess.   Our journey through this is life allows us the opportunity to grow into good husbands, fathers and business men/women.

Lastly even in marriages with struggles there is a personal growth that can take place through the relationship.  Our responses can cause us to mature and grow.  Our growth is not dependent on the other person is it dependent upon our responses, our  belief’s and our actions.

Marriage is always more that just love between two people.   It is a commitment to life.  It is commitment to a journey as human beings living life to its fullest.  Together it is agreeing to share the adventure.   Who we are and who we are becoming happens best in relationship.   Love is an amazing thing.  Love provides as way for us to become someone we could never be.   It challenges us, forms us and changes us.    I love this quote “love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things”.

Remember: ” all the work done within the walls of your soul goes with you forever……”


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