Best wedding officiant in Victoria, How to book me!

I met a justice of the peace last weekend at one of our local parks.  He was on his third wedding that day.   I asked him how many he does a day; his answer was as many as six.  I was involved with the wedding party on one end of the park and he was on the other end.  I watched him (mostly to learn and obverse) as he stood before the couple and their witnesses.  His time with them was quick and off he went to the next couple.

I saw the differences between how I function and others in this profession.  I have made it a commitment of mine to never do more than two weddings a day and for those who have my coaching service I guarantee my full attention and timepnlyto this couple.  I admire those who plan and put the extra bit into their marriage.   Our ceremonies are custom tailored to your desires and I promise my time and attention to you both.  It is the little things that make the difference and make something spectacular.

You only get married once, why not make it spectacular!

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