Our internal blueprint and how it affects us choosing a mate!

We all have a preceived imprint; a blueprint of who we are and what our lives are to look like.  It is part of our thoughts and our sub conscious.    This imprint affects our image of ourselves, what success looks like for us, how we dress, and even who we marry.

When I coach couples I always ask the question “why did you choose this person”?  The  answer reveals much about who you are and the kind of person you choose to marry.   This blueprint is in all of us.  It is what makes us special and unique as individuals.  Just think about it out of all the people on the earth you chose this person, and there is a reason you did.

Understanding these reasons gives insight in who we are.  It also helps us understand the other person and their hopes.  Blueprints can change but knowing what is directing you now gives you the “aha” that allows communication and understanding to happen at a deep level.

We celebrate these aha’s together in our coaching times.  Knowing our blueprints as individuals allows us to settle  in our hearts our reasons for choosing one another.

I love helping couples see the why they are perfect together.   “I do” and committing to walk together through this life is very special.   Love is an amazing thing that comes from the depths of who we are!



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