How easy is it to marry in British Columbia?

This is for information for couples who are getting married in British Columbia and want to know the process of involved in the government paperwork.

First you need to get  a license.  You can walk into our Vital Statistics office here in Victoria with you and your future spouses birth certificate or other identification.  They will issue you a license to marry ($100) which is valid for 3 months from the date of issue.  This is the licence which I sign and mail back to Vital Statistics.

On your wedding day we sign this license; both marriage partners, witnessed by 2 people (signature) and then my signature.   Our government has made it easy to marry, the paperwork simply becomes a record to identify who you and your spouse and make sure everything is done legally with you both being present.

This license is mailed in and the Vital Statistics mails you back your wedding certificate/license.   This then allows you to go the bank/ icbc/ passports office and make any legal name change you wish.

That is it.  Simple process getting married.

Remember a great wedding ceremony does not make a great marriage.  This takes time, lots of love and great communication.  Call if you need more information.


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