Do you maintain and improve your marriage?

Why are we willing to pay money to get things fixed like our car or our house and yet with our marriage we rarely spend the necessary time and money to make it better.  Basic maintenance and improvement costs are normal expenses in life and when invested in rightly can greatly improve your  marriage.   All marriages need maintenance and have opportunity for improvement.  Remember with a great marriages you are guaranteed we have more joy, fulfillment and satisfaction in  life.

I meet couples who often say their marriage is not working or we don’t love each other any more.  My question is often how much have you put into your marriage lately?  I understand you are invested (like buying a house) but the investment needs to be maintained.   To buy a house and not keep it up is a waste of a good asset.  Instead of increasing in value, your house depreciates when it is not cared for.

Marriage is much the same.  Over time both couples need to spend time maintaining and increasing the value of their relationship through necessary improvements.   This requires communication, learning new skills and sometimes others to help you know how and where to invest in yourselves.

Don’t be cheap with yourselves.  Why have a marriage that looks like a run down house when you can have the best marriage on the block.  Don’t settle spend some time and if necessary money to make it great!


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