If love is blind……marriage is the eye opener; the answer Communication

This quote makes me laugh “if love is blind, marriage is the eye opener”.      This summer I have a few weddings with young  couples, under 23 years of age.    I love the innocence.  I love the freedom they have; freedom to dream, plan and live with only the hopes of the future.   It is a special place being young.   My coaching and preparation times are often different than meeting with an older couples remarrying.    We sometimes focus on inlaw’s and expectations of extended family.  We spend time on finances and budgeting (seems this is important at all ages).  I love asking the questions about how they see raising their family, how they spend money and what kind of life they want to create together.   Being young they get to plan the life they have dreamed of.   I love the opportunity of this.

Communication is such an important part of this.  The more we communicate the more we are on the same page.  My wife  and I have been married almost ten years.  This year we have been talking more about our future and dreams together than we ever have.  Some significant changes have brought us to this point; my wife is now in school again, we are buying a house and looking at schools for our children.   It is funny to me the level of communication that needs to take place and the process to get us on the same page.   Communication protects us and allows us to make decision together easily when opportunities present themselves.

Good communication before a marriage is an important step in starting right.  Love is only blind if we do not really know one another.   Communication and a good marriage preparation course sure helps to start things out right.

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