Communication and your man

Communication is one of the most important things in a marriage.   When we understand one another we feel loved, heard and cared for.   When we do not connect it is just a matter of time until we feel hurt, alone and unloved.

I am coming up on my ten year anniversary this year.  It has been a good time of reflection for me.  I am thankful for an amazing wife who has stood by me.  I feel more loved by her today than ever.  I am looking forward to what is ahead for us.

As a guy part of us coming closer together has been our communication.  She knows my fears, insecurities and my  deepest hopes and dreams.   I know her’s too.  I know what makes her happy.   I know what she longs for our kids, us together and even for her own life.     We revisit this often.   We check in with one another.  We communicate.

As a man communication does not always come easy.  We are not  in touch with our feeling or emotions as easily as women are.   Women like to check in.  They like to know what we are feeling and how things are going.  This is learned skill for some men.  We need to be taught how to listen, how to reflect what is going on inside of us and how to share it.   I had a weekend away with my wife in December, no children, just us.   We were planning on buying a new house and we wanted to spend time talking about what kind of house to buy and why.  We communicated for eight hours one day.   So much was tied up with one decision.   It was funny at times, wonderful and at times exhausting.

Communication puts us on the same page. It allows  us to know one another’s dreams and hopes.  Sometimes the only way to discover this is through time and talking.    This does not always come easy for men but we can learn.   It is in communication that our intimacy, love and connection grows.     Remember to develop your communication skills, your marriage depends upon it!

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