Learning to Dance together

I am always learning from my clients.   It is one of the things that makes what I do so wonderful.   I have a couple as clients now who are dance teachers.  Both of them teach dance from Salsa to Swing.  They are passionate about dance.   I love the creative expression they bring to their teaching.   When they dance they are free to express themselves in character.  They break out of the controlled, cultural accepted expressions of their being into someone wild, creative and passionate.

I love this.   I love seeing them function without boundaries expressing themselves.   I was thinking what would it like for them to love one another with the same character and engagement as they commit when they are dancing.   Culture and our upbringing often inhibit our emotions to radically express our love to one another.  We are taught how to love; what is acceptable as expressions of verbal and physical connection in public (and may extend into private times too).

When my wife and I got married she shared she would not be comfortable kissing me in public at our wedding. She comes from a Chinese background and she was raised to not show affection by kissing in public.   She was so uncomfortable with it she struggled to give me a kiss during our weddings in front of her family.   Culture had locked her into what was acceptable or not in the expression of love.

My clients love to dance in character and it frees them to be who they are when they are engaged in creative dance.   So my questions for them and for you are;  How could you fully express your love to one another?   What would your love relationship look like  together if you could be fully engaged?  If you were dancing together as an expression of love how would your relationship change?

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