Beliefs and how they affect us. Note: the article is quoted from Pat Williams

“Any habitual pattern of thinking is called a “belief.”  Your basic beliefs about yourself, the people around you and the world, are the source of your perceived limits and problems, as well as the source of your joy and fulfillment.  Beliefs are the elements from which you create your experienced reality.  They determine how you respond to that perceived reality.

Most of your core beliefs were formed when you were a child, unable to reason, dependent on others, and relatively helpless. For example, when a child sees everyone else in his environment functioning more effectively than he is, by comparison he accurately concludes that he is inadequate/incompetent and dependent. You bring into adulthood your own childhood core beliefs.  Belief modification is a continuous process unless you “hang on” to earlier beliefs even when confronted with new information. These core beliefs may or may not be accurate. They may also no longer work very well for you. Fortunately or unfortunately, the quality of your life, your lifestyle and the reality you create, are nothing more nor less than what you believe them to be!

Who you believe you are, is who you are. You formed your beliefs about yourself very early in your life. As you grew into adulthood, you formed new beliefs and updated old ones. Your core beliefs about yourself form the context out of which all else evolves.”

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This is why we married someone consistent with our beliefs.   We all have a grid of who we need along side of us, the perfect one.  We also have internal grids of our abilities wants and hopes and look for someone again who matches our beliefs.

Beliefs are amazing.  They steer us and at times hold us in the right place when we are under pressure.  As we grow and encounter different stages of life our beliefs also need to grow and mature.   Our understanding of us as parents needs to grow, our capacity to love needs to mature and our abilities to communicate and connect needs to develop.  Our thinking and beliefs is the first part of the changing the outcome.

Whether it is an athlete developing themselves, a mother to be, or a new wife or husband discovering and becoming a great spouse it starts with our beliefs and our understanding of ourselves.    Put two people together and we have an opportunity for great growth and a lot of fun.   I love what i do!

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