I function as a justice of the peace and I perform weddings in Victoria, BC

How do I function as a justice of the peace here in Victoria?   I first got into performing weddings for a few close friends.   I was pastoring at the time and held credentials with the province of BC through my ordination.   In time I had a number of couples come through my office who were just looking for someone to marry them.      They did not attend any religious services which  did not matter to me.   I soon fell in love with helping couples start their marriage out right.   I developed a marriage preparation course and began performing weddings for couples through out the city of Victoria.     I love what I do and am committed to helping your marriage prosper.

Feel free to call for more information.


Thanks Paul


  1. Kirsten Glidden

    Hi there
    I’m a pastor from Alberta newly relocated to Victoria and looking for a way to hold a license to perform weddings as I do not want to go back to working I. The church right now with three teens at home

    Any thoughts or tips

    • admin

      Call me Kirsten and I will give some pointers.


  2. Rico Hepas

    Hi, my name is Rico, I’m a Canadian Citizen and I’m 49yrs of age. I invited someone special from overseas as a visitor and now wish to get married because our love grew mutually stronger from each. I need your help to make her stay here in Canada as permanent and legal as possible..

    • admin

      Hi Rico you emailed me as to helping you get married. The fastest way would be to contact a justice of the peace (JP) and arrange a time to meet and plan a wedding.

      Google Justice of the Peace Victoria and you will have contacts come up.

      I usually perform customize weddings and relationship coaching here in Victoria for couples. The services I provide would be more that you would need.

      Thanks Rico.

      Wish you the best.


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