Most marriage conflicts come from this. Find Resolution Quickly!

Is it that easy to determine where most conflicts originate from?  I have spent time with hundreds of couples here in Victoria and I find most conflicts come from not understanding one another.   It is that easy.

As humans we are all different in how we appear and we are different in our personalities.  That is what makes love such an incredible thing.   We look for someone whom we are attracted too that is beyond the outward appearance .   It is something that resonates within us when we are with the other person.  It is something they are inside that we also fall in love with.  This inward beauty that attracts us is the make up of the other person.

Your spouse is different from you.  They approach things different and deal with things different.  We love this about someone.   For example they may be good with finances, they are amazing with children, they tune into how we are feeling, ect.   They are different than us  and they add to who we are together.  We love this about them.

The funny apart is the very strength can also be the area with have tension in.  We do not understand why they would do something this way.  We do not get them.  Or as i hear in coaching;  “He does not listen to me, or He does not get me, or she does……..”.    The conflict can come from the fact that you are both different.  We can not expect our spouses to do things our way.

Truth is we need to find a way to work together without inhibiting the other person in who they are.  We need to value what makes us different and learn to work together.   We can not expect our spouses to be, do or respond like us.  We can believe for  us to work together great.  We can honor one another, value one another and encourage one another in our differences. When we live and love in our marriages like this many this many of our conflicts cease.

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