Are you looking for a wedding location in Victoria, BC?

Are you looking for a location to have your wedding at here in Victoria?   There are so many choices here in our city.   We have some beautiful beaches, golf and country clubs,vineyards, Churches and fancy hotels here in the city.

As you are looking for a place here are some questions to ask yourself.  Answering these will focus you on your search and help you find the right location.

1.  What environment/ atmosphere are you looking for?   Do you want a view, the ambiance of a church, or the stillness of the forest?

2.  What is the image you have in your mind of the perfect place to share you vows?  your reception?

3.  How many people are joining you?   Are they sitting or standing?  Are they in rows or in a circle around you?

4.   How is the flow of the day?   Couples sometimes book the ceremony and reception together.   This too determines location.


The location we choose is as varied as our personalities are.  I have been on an 18 acres property on the ocean here in our city, I have been on beaches, mountaintops, golf course and vineyards.

If you need help finding a location feel free to contact me for further information.  I have performed hundred’s of weddings here in Victoria at a lot of different locations.  Anything I can do to help just let me know.

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