Divorce because you are not happy???? What do you do?

That was my thought of the day today as I talked with a client.     In relationship coaching I listen and I reflect back what i hear, asking questions along the way.  Today i heard I am not happy and I need to do something about it.  I loved the statement.

Knowing we need to do something is the first step to making our marriages better.   When our hearts start to pull back from one another it is time to do something about it.  Do not wait until our hearts are hard and indifferent to one another.  It is time to communicate, respark love and find new ways to connect.

If we wait too long to re awaken love a lie can also come in.  This lie also can be “I will  happier without you”, “I will be happier being alone”, or I will be “happier with someone else”.    Do not wait to make your relationship better.  If it needs attention give to it now.

Communication, time and affection can do wonders to heal relationships and hearts.   Please address what you need to now in your relationship.  It will save you heartache and on the long run you will love again and of course you will find happiness!


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