Plan early to book a justice of the peace, priest or someone to sign the marriage license. (Victoria)

How long does it take to find a justice of the peace (marriage officiant)  in Victoria, BC?   24 hours sometimes!

Every year I have at least one call of someone forgetting to book a priest or a JP, or someone to sign the license.   Last Friday morning I get the call.   To start with it is always a guy phoning, never a women.   Being a man myself I figure it is worth having some fun with him.   The conversation goes like this:

Me:  You need someone when?

Other party: Tomorrow?

Me: What? Did you say tomorrow?

Other party:  Yes tomorrow…..silence……

Me:   You missed that one,  do you know it is Saturday… the summer……

Other party:  You got to help me, I have parents and friends all gathering…

Me (having fun with him):   You are so in trouble.    She will kill you…….

Other party:   help me, can you do it, direct me somewhere,  I have to come up with something.


For those that book me I always give me whole attention to my clients.  I do not book multiple weddings on a day.  If the bride is late I do not want to have to say “you have 10 minutes because i need to be somewhere else”.   This day i made an exception to my policy to cover this man’s future.   Following my wedding in Mill bay I quickly drove back into Victoria.    They were pronounced husband and wife Saturday night in front of family and friends.   The groom was one happy man, and the bride she was married in front of family and friends.   It was the end of a perfect day.


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