Best wedding officiant in Victoria?

I do not know if I am the best Justice of the Peace here in Victoria but I am very good at what i do.  I have wedding planners who book me regularly because of the consistent, excellent service I offer to their clients.  Below is a excerpt from one of my favorite wedding planners.


“We’re so very grateful that we had the opportunity to work with you – and perhaps more importantly, to connect our amazing clients with you. You bring such a magic to each wedding – it’s always been such a joy to hear what you have to say about the couple, and watch you put together a memorable, funny, personalized ceremony so naturally. Every time we have done a wedding with you, we get such awesome feedback about you and the ceremony…you have a gift, that’s for sure! And personally, my favourite weddings are ones we’ve worked on together. We make a great team (but then, I’m biased).”


Many thanks Katie and Brittany for the encouragement and positive affirmation.


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