Need help with my marriage Victoria

I have been reflecting on how to best deliver effective relationship coaching to my clients here  in Victoria.  I am a practical thinker by nature and I always want to add value and produce powerful results for those whom I meet with.

There is a lot at stake in a relationship.  It is more than just partnership towards a convenient end.  Our hopes and dreams are connected with the person we are with.  Who you are or who you are becoming together has a hidden hope attached to it.  We want something.  We hope for it.  We even work towards it.   While we all may not be able to clearly articulate our  hopes and dreams they are within each of us.

Having a clear target together, and understanding what we really want (our hopes) protects us from needless arguments and wasted conflicts.  This is why marriage counseling or marriage preparation before a marriage is so important.  The more we understand who we are and what is really important for each of us the better we able to join together and work towards common goals.

This is the investing in planning a great marriage and a great life.  The more we talk ahead of what we desire to build, and why we are want it, the better prepared we are for what is ahead.  We invest in communication, in understanding one another and in agreeing upon common goals and vision.

This is why I do what I do.  I love the investment piece that builds great relationships.  Getting couples to be clear of what they want and why they want it is so important.    There is power in creating.  Sometimes we just need a little help to say it clearly and recognize the importance of it for us.

Are you clear on your dreams and hopes as couple?




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