Believing our marriage is worth it

My marriage counseling (coaching) load has increased here in Victoria in the last year. This has allowed me to gain wisdom and I now understand clearly it is easier to work with couples who see me earlier on in their struggles.

The longer couples wait in the argumentative state the more challenging it is for one or both to engage their hearts and pursue after love and connection with one another.

I am currently seeing a couple. We are spending a lot of our time asking the question is this worth it to stay together and make our marriage work. If one or both couples believe it is really hard and are not sure if they want to investing in their marriage any longer it becomes much more challenging for the couple. The counselor or the marriage coach in my case now has to work with one or both of the individuals to help them process what is really important. This is the hard work that couples need to face to build their marriage and love for one another.

Do you want to make it easier for you as a couple, and in your marriage? Here is how. See me earlier before pain becomes withdrawal. It is much easier to work on the skills and tools needed to build a good marriage. Finding ways to connect and build bring momentum, joy and life to your marriage.

I do not know where you are at. I do know the longer you wait your cost of time, money, and most importantly the cost of a loss of love and the burning of mental energy will increase in your life. The sooner you see someone the more you are increasing your chances for success as a couple, for love and for yourself.

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